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DRIVER APPLICATION FORM COMPANY NAME COMPANY ADDRESS Street City TO BE READ AND SIGNED BY APPLICANT I authorize you to make such investigations and inquiries of my personal, employment, financial
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I understand that I may be asked to provide documentation to support any employment decision (not necessarily a conditional offer of employment). I understand that an employer, in selecting their employees will use my medical information and my name, and that any decision made with this information may be subject to my rights. If I am not working and have been out of work for one month, I hereby voluntarily waive all existing claims against your employer for wages due or unpaid or for benefits from my last employer. A.C.R.S. § 12-3422.11(D)(1) (2002). You acknowledge that the information you request may include medical information, test results, genetic information, and other information about an applicant. I understand that, in the event that the information I provide is not accurate, I may be asked to explain it. (This is a defense). I understand that all information I provide will be kept privately, and that I must retain my signed privacy statement. I understand that failure to sign a privacy statement will not bar a court from awarding me protection under your privacy law. Furthermore, I will waive any rights of third parties to which my application information may lead. (This is an affirmative defense.) When you sign the medical form, you agree to release Employer and School from any and all claims. I understand that if my application cannot be processed because I do not have the required paperwork, I agree to provide a statement on my application indicating the basis for my denial of admission, including information that would be available only from the employer, school, or health care provider. I also understand that the employer, school, provider, or health care provider may disclose this statement to any other person or organization authorized by law to receive such information. Furthermore, I understand that failure to provide a written statement under this subsection will be considered a withdrawal of the application, and that, if not a withdrawal, will be subject to administrative review. If a school district is unable to process any of the applications on file, it will notify the applicant in writing of how the applicant may apply to withdraw the application. If the applicant requests a withdrawal, the school district will provide the applicant, in writing, with a copy of the request, and if a school district is able to complete and process the application without the applicant, it may consider the request withdrawn if the request is received within sixty (60) days from the date of the request for withdrawal.
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